Punjab Under The British Rule (1849-1947) PDF Free Download By B S Nijjar

Punjab Under The British Rule (1849 - 1947) PDF Free Download By B S Nijjar

Punjab Under The British Rule Book PDF Free Download By B S Nijjar

The book is primarily designed to fulfil a long-standing need of the Degree and the Post graduate students of the Punjab History on the period from 1849-1947. They have always felt greatly handicapped for want of proper and comprehensive material put with a detached objectivity so essential for a historian. Keeping in view the dire need of the students and the teachers, this book has been brought out after many years of research. Almost all the contemporary sources have been consulted to make the book authentic. This is for the first time that this period has been explored in detail and systematically. Emphasis has been laid to touch every aspect of this period. This book is divided into XIX chapters. The main contents of this work can be summarised as; Geography of the Panjab, Panjab at the advent of Britishers, Panjab Under Lawrences, Political history of the Panjab from 1849-1947, North-West Frontier & the British Government, Religious and Political Movements e.g. the Kukas, the Komagata Maru, Jallianwala Bagh, Nankana Holocaust, the Jaito Morcha, Guru-Ka-Bagh, Panja Sahib, and Babar Akalis, Riasti Parja Mandal, the Khaksars, Agrarian agitations, the Legislation, the Civil administration, Social and Economic life of the Panjab from time to time, the Singh, Sabha, S.G.P.C. the revolutionaries of the Panjab, Various riots, Canalisation of the Panjab, the Panjab States with the role of their rulers in the Panjab History Muzara Movements, the Panjab Civil Code, the provincial autonomy, the Union Ministry, and Partition of the Panjab.

BookPunjab Under The British Rule
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