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[JACK. Moving to sofa and kneeling upon it.] My dear fellow, what on earth is there in that? Some aunts are tall, some aunts are not tall. That is a matter that surely an aunt may be allowed to decide for herself. You seem to think that every aunt should be exactly like your aunt! That is absurd! For Heaven’s sake give me back my cigarette case. [Follows Algernon round the room.] ALGERNON- Yes, But why does your aunt call you her uncle? ‘From little Cecily, with her fondest love to her dear Uncle Jack.’ There is no objection, I admit, to an aunt being a small aunt, but why an aunt, no matter what her size may be, should call her own nephew her uncle, I can’t quite make out. Besides, your name isn’t Jack at all; it is Ernest. The Importance of Being Earnest Pdf Epub Mobi download button is provided below on this page, from where you can download these files by just one click.

Book : The Importance of Being Earnest
Author : Oscar Wilde
Publisher : The Project Gutenberg
Publication Date : 1899
Printer : unknown
Category : English Books
Copyright : Public Domain Dedication
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