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Tarzan moved stealthily in the trees high above a savage scene. The tempo of the dance had increased. Painted warriors were leaping around a group that surrounded the prisoner. As Tarzan gazed at the prisoner he experienced a shock. It was as though his disembodied spirit hovered above and looked down upon himself, so amazing was the likeness of this man to the Lord of the Jungle. Who was this man who looked so much like Tarzan as to startle even Tarzan himself and what did he seek in the jungles of Africa? If ever Burroughs wrote a Tarzan story, Tarzan and the Lion Man came closest. Several critics have commented that Burroughs often satirized such things as religion, social customs and the like, but it should also be noted that he was not above kidding himself. Tarzan and the Lion Man Pdf Epub Mobi download button is provided below on this page, from where you can download these files by just one click.

Book : Tarzan and the Lion Man
Author : Edgar Rice Burroughs
Publisher : Ace Books Inc, New York
Publication Date : 1934
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