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We are rising dizzily and fearlessly on the crest of a great wave of sentiment. When the wave breaks, we may find ourselves submerged, and in danger of drowning; but for the present we are full of hope. Forty years ago we stood in shallow water, and mocked at the Victorian sentiment, then ebbing slowly with the tide. We have nothing now in common with that fine, thin, tenacious conception of life and its responsibilities. We do not prate about valour for men, and domesticity for women. A vague humanity is our theme. We do not feel the fastidious distaste for repulsive details which made our grandparents culpably negligent. All knowledge, apart from its quality, and apart from our requirements, now seems to us desirable. Taste is no longer a controlling force. Counter-currents Pdf Epub Mobi download button is provided below on this page, from where you can download these files by just one click.

Book : Counter-currents
Author : Agnes Repplier
Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Company
Publication Date : 1916
Printer : Houghton Mifflin Press
Category : English Books
Copyright : Public Domain Dedication
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